Windows Mail under Windows 7

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What happened to Windows Mail in Windows 7?         



You might have noticed that Windows Mail isn't included in Windows 7. You can read and send e-mail messages by installing an e-mail program from another company or by using Windows Live—programs for your computer and online services that work together.


If you used Windows Mail before upgrading to Windows 7, all your e-mail, contacts, and messages are saved. Nothing is deleted during the upgrade process, so you can import your old messages and contacts into a compatible e-mail program.

You can use the Windows Live Mail program to manage e-mail accounts, calendars, contacts, and more. Windows Live Mail might already be installed on your computer. To see if it's installed, click the Start button, type Windows Live Mail, and see if it appears in the results. If it doesn't, you can download Windows Live Mail, which is part of Windows Live Essentials, for free.


These are just some of the things that you can do with Windows Live Mail:


  • Read all the important messages you've gotten in Outlook Express 6 and Windows Mail in Windows Live Mail and save messages on your computer so you always have a backup.
  • Use one program to manage all your e-mail accounts, such as Hotmail, Gmail, Yahoo! Mail Plus, and more.
  • Read and reply to e-mail messages even if you're offline. Then, sync your accounts the next time you connect to the Internet.
  • Detect phishing scams, block suspicious senders, and filter the junk for all your e-mail accounts—automatically.

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