Lenovo Staff


When Rescue and recovery backs up, I frequently get  the error message, "This file is in use and can't be backed up.  Close all programs and try again" [my paraphrase]. 


Here is everything I have tried:


Restarting Windows and backing up "clean" - I have also attempted doing a "Clean boot" by stopping all services in "msconfig". - still got many of the error messages.


Starting in Safe mode - Rescue and restore doesn't work at all


Starting up in "ThinkVantage" and doing a backup from there - Rescue and restore will restore from a previous copy, but will not back up.


Recently the the machine had a "fatal error", and all of the backups were useless.  


Your virus scanner or internet security software could be switched on and is interfering with the reading of other files.


Run a backup with your virus scanner / internet security software turned off.


Sometimes these software can "hang" on files or folders with the intent to protect them and therefore prevent them being read.


Before attempting the above please ensure your system has no Internet access.