Lenovo Staff


I cannot use my WiFi system to connect to any network. 


These were the things I did but could not fix the issue:


1. When I turned the WiFi physical switch to ON mode, the WiFi LED did not light up.


2. I saw this is a Atheros AR9285 wireless adapter from this place: Control Panel > Network and Internet > Network Connections


3. The Wifi icon still shows at the Taskbar, but just cannot pick up any network.


4. When I tried to install a new driver for the Bluetooth device, it notified me that I don't have any one. However, I still can send files via Bluetooth from my IdeaPad to other systems. What could be the problem?



  1. The Network Connections Windows shows that the device is installed with the correct driver. Otherwise a cross mark will appear to indicate that the device is not working.
  2. Also, the Bluetooth is actually working but is just not recognised by Windows.
  3. This means both your WiFi and Bluetooth are working, just that they may not be able to be activated by buttons or software.
  4. You may have missed out installation of the feature to activate WiFi and Bluetooth with Fn keys,  other than the physical switch for Wifi.



Did you install Power management? If not, please, install it first then press Fn +F5 to activate the wireless.