ICS for K1.jpgLenovo is providing a basic non-customized, region-independent release of Android 4.03 aka Ice Cream Sandwich for customers who wish to install this OS on their IdeaPad K1 Tablet systems.

This release differs from the factory-installed Honeycomb 3.1 release and subsequent OTA (Over The Air) updates to Honeycomb 3.2, and it does not include Lenovo customizations such as the launcher, pre-installed Apps or an App store, nor the underlying framework.  


Installation of this release will erase ALL data on the system including all factory Apps as well as any customer installed applications, music, pictures, etc.

This release is generally not recommended for the casual or mainstream user who is unfamiliar with the Android OS and customizing it. The source code, which may be of additional value to the developer community, is available for download here. Further OTA updates are not planned for this release.

The installation process involves downloading the file package to a Windows PC, putting the tablet into recovery mode and connecting to the PC (we recommend Windows 7) and then flashing the update to the tablet. Some provisional drivers may need to be installed on the PC to facilitate this—they are included in the package.


Please download and review the instructions in the PDF file attached to this article, and then proceed with the download of the K1 ICS package here.


Note:  Installation and support assistance for this release is not available through warranty support centers.