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2009-11-21, 22:24 PM

What does the 'p' of a model T43p signify please?


Is there much difference between a T42 and a T43?


Are T42/3 machines well thought of, or is an X6_ _ series better/ more reliable?


Thank  you kindly,




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Re: T43p

2009-11-22, 19:29 PM



'P' stands for performance. Models with p designation have high-end models with powerful video card. I believe the difference between T42 and T43 is of CPU and video card, the proceeding links will reveal more:-





X6_ series can easily pass for netbooks, they have low resolution 12-inch screen, with no built-in otical drive. A laptop that should be residing in your backpack no matter where you go ;)

Some info from wiki:-


Includes the T40, T41, T42, T43, and associated "p" series (for "performance"; e.g., T43p). A typical 14.1-inch (360 mm) T4x weighs 2.2 kg (4.9 lb), slightly less than the 600 series, and features an Intel Pentium M Processor (ranging from the Intel Pentium M at 1.3 GHz to the Intel Pentium M 770 at 2.13 GHz), a 14.1 or 15-inch (380 mm) LCD (XGASXGA+), an integrated GPU (Intel Graphics Media Adapter 900) or a discrete GPU (Radeon 7500, 9000, 9600 (fastest for games), X300, Fire GL 9000, Fire GL T2, and Fire GL V3200), and a hard drive ranging in size from 30 to 100 GB with the Active Protection System to protect the hard drive (T41 and later models). "p" (mobile workstation) models typically offer FireGL CAD graphics, and are also available with a 14-inch (360 mm) SXGA+ or a 15-inch (380 mm) SXGA+/UXGA FlexView display with wide viewing angle and high density IPS technology. These 15-inch (380 mm) display models weigh slightly more than their lesser brethren, with optical drive and battery, at 2.7 kg (5.9 lb). One model of T42 also offered IPS SXGA+ 14" technology.

All T4x models use either 6-cell or 9-cell lithium-ion batteries, as well as an optional 4-cell Ultrabay Slim lithium-polymer battery. The 9-cell battery gives a runtime of 5+ hours and a crease allows the laptop to lay flat on an airplane tray-table. Some T42 and T43 models feature a biometric security system with built-in fingerprint reader. Some models also include Bluetooth support. The T43 model offered DDR2 memory (vs DDR for other T-series machines) but ran hotter and noisier, and so the T42 models were thought to have the best combination of ergonomics and performance. The T40 was IBM's first ThinkPad to use the Pentium M "Banias" CPU. The T42 employed a Pentium M "Dothan" processor with a 400 MHz frontside bus, while the T43 used a later revision of Dothan running a 533 MHz FSB.


The X60 is first X Series ThinkPad to feature Intel chips using the Intel Core architecture. The Core Duo L2400 (Low Voltage) CPU on the X60s model achieves 7+ hours of battery life on standard benchmarks, and can reach around 10 hours under light use, when using the extended-life battery. Note this model lacks a built-in optical drive, unlike the larger T60. The X61, like the T61, also is the first X-series ThinkPad to use Intel's Santa Rosa platform and to be available with a 3G WWAN option. This series includes the Thinkpad Reserve Edition, a 5,000 model limited edition laptop designed for executive class professionals. It was clad in hand-stitched leather, and came with a 3 year 24/7 service warranty.


Hope it helps.


Maliha (I don't work for lenovo)
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Re: T43p

2009-11-22, 19:33 PM

The two main differences between the T43/p and prior T4x series are FSB (T43/p is 533 Mhz and it uses PC2-4200 DDR2 RAM while the older machines are 400Mhz FSB and PC2700 RAM) and soldering technique applied to the GPU area, which makes T43/p units far less prone to motherboard failures than the rest of the T4x generation.

X6x are completely different animals, and I really see no point in comparing them, since they were meant for entirely different use. Well-built laptops, overall.



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