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2007-11-24, 6:25 AM
Still waiting for a ThinkPad good enough to replace my wonderful 600X.
 - great keyboard tactile sense like 600X's
 - no trackpad
 - no forced purchase of MS Windows
I strongly object to forced licensing of MS product since I plan to wipe the drive. 
Lenovo might wish to consider to stop the ethically indefensible practice of forcing
the customer  to buy undesired software with its excellent hardware

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Re: 600X

2007-11-24, 15:26 PM
As much as I love the tablet I have now, I think the 600X is still the best TP I've ever had.  I know that's heresy to the 770 and A series devotees, but the keyboard on the 600X was just pure perfection.  As James puts it, mine is now a hanger queen, but I can't bring myself to part with it.  Every now and then, I pull it out for something, and I get reminded of why I loved it so much.


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Waynesboro, MS

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Re: 600X

2007-11-25, 2:38 AM
nonny, I completely agree. The 600 series has the best keyboard of any Thinkpad that I have used, and is built like a tank-even though it is still relatively light and thin by today's standards. I would be perfectly content if Lenovo could develop a modern 600X with modern architecture, but retain the same screen size, layout, full non-slip coating, and of course the keyboard. We have mentioned this before on thinkpads.com-but is anyone listening?

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San Jose, CA USA

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Re: 600X

2007-11-25, 3:00 AM
My introduction to Thinkpads was with a used 600E several years back. Bought it for my younger daughter's Lego Mindstorms team. It was (and is) a bulletproof system that stood up to the challenges, use and thankfully, not too much abuse, from five pre-teens. When my older daughter needed a computer for high school I bought a used 600X, which led to a second 600X when it came time to upgrade the 600E. That was followed by a few more 600 systems over the years. Although the "daily driver" is a T23, I loved the sturdy feel of the 600-series keyboards and the way it just feels solid. My younger daughter is still using a 600X and it's basically left on 24/7. She uses it so much that she has worn a spot through the rubber coating next to the right speaker from her wrist. Sure the screen is a little dim when compared to my other 600s but with a full load of memory and Windows XP it runs everything she needs acceptably fast enough. I agree that if Lenovo could put a more modern CPU and chipset into the form-factor of a 13.3" XGA 600 system (with the same keyboard :) ), it would be a winner.
Ray Kawakami
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Re: 600X

2007-11-25, 17:28 PM
Ray wrote: "I agree that if Lenovo could put a more modern CPU and chipset into the form-factor of a 13.3" XGA 600 system (with the same keyboard ), it would be a winner".

From your lips to the ears of the powers above Ray! :smileyvery-happy: I have to admit that the several X3x series machines being used by myself and members of my family are quite reminiscent of the 600X machines for their overall form factor and an excellent 90% keyboard. They're also proving themselves to be quite durable.


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Re: 600X

2007-11-26, 12:41 PM
camblab brings several interestings thoughts in a single posting here....
Although I'm not a 600 series buff, I've owned a a number of these machines and can very well understand what people find so attractive about them, almost a decade after the original one was introduced. There is something very appealing about 1024x768 resolution on a 13.3" LCD, and the keyboard feel is quite unique indeed, not to mention the legendary rugedness of these ThinkPads...
I would tend to believe that every one amongst "real" ThinkPad lovers has a series that they would like to see updated, and many of these ideas would make sense. For OP-as well as for many others- it would be 600. For myself, it would have to be a continuation of "desktop replacement" ThinkPads , which, in my opinion, pretty much ended with G41. One could certainly argue that tradition has been extended through R5x series, but as much as I like these machines, they were certainly conceived with a different purpose.
As for operating system being integrated in the machine and purchase price, most customers-private or corporate-prefer it that way, and that has been the case for years. On the US market at least, IBM/Lenovo has in the past offered quite a few options of configuring laptops without the OS, although I wouldn't be able to point out the percentage of such machines.
Let's hope at least some of us see their wishes come true next year....


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Re: 600X

2007-11-26, 21:32 PM
I know this is a legacy forum, but having had a 600 model some years back, I have no regrets buying my T41. Keyboard is great, the touch pad was instantly disabled (and you can buy a palmrest without a touchpad), peformance is excellent, and durability is fine (it fell of a table in a London hotel, hit the floor wide open and running, and I picked it up and just kept going).
... JDH

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Re: 600X

2007-11-27, 11:11 AM
I believe the fact that the 600 was the best ever selling ThinkPad, probably notebook, shows the merits of it's construction. I believe a rejuvenation is way long overdue. It seems to me that the roll-cage now being built into ThinkPads could be evolved into an exo-skeleton, which the 600 basically had, without too much difficulty. It remains to be seen which screens will be manufactured which would lend them to such a concept.



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Re: 600X

2007-12-17, 7:24 AM
The 600E was the first thinkpad and indeed laptop that I ever owned. I loved that computer and can say with confidence that it was the best computer I have ever had. I remember when I decided to "replace" it. Was near the end of 2004 and I had a budget of $1600. I wound up buying some Toshiba laptop that broke down within 3 months. Even when the Toshiba (dubbed To**bleep**ba [was a HORRIBLE computer]) was actually functioning, I was still using my 600E. I woud up selling the Toshiba a year later and all the while, the 600E kept doing everything I needed. I finally retired my 600E after picking up a T42. To this day though I still laugh at how much better it worked in 2004 then the brand new Toshiba. It was truly an amazing computer...

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Re: 600X

2008-02-03, 18:44 PM
My uncle had a 600x and it was at his side all the time. He would use it for everything and whatever happend to the old beast it never stopped! He says it was the best thinkpad he ever had! He had bought a Toshiba and sent it back after it seriously crashed on him within 4 months. His new computor motto is "Once Lenovo, always lenovo!"
    Just adding to the conversation,   
                                       dietpepsiaddict   :)
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