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Legion Slim 7 Questions & Issues

2021-07-27, 3:00 AM

Hey all.


I recently purchased a Legion Slim 7, the version with an AMD 5800H and an RTX 3060. Performance wise, I have zero complaints with this system but I've got a couple of questions and potential bugs I wanted to ask about.


1. One of the reasons I bought this is it's supposed to be a great gaming laptop while also being solid on battery life for productivity use. So far, the battery life has been pretty underwhelming. Even when I drop the screen to 60Hz, halve the brightness and set the Windows battery settings to "best battery life", I'm lucky to get 2 hours out of it just browsing the web. Interestingly, running a looping YouTube video doesn't seem to significantly change it either. It feels like it's not disabling the RTX 3060 chip (which it's supposed to on battery.) Is there a way to verify that it's actually doing that or to better optimize the battery life from the default configuration?


2. Is there a way to have the keyboard's RGB either default to off or at least something other than "rainbow barf" mode when the unit is powered up until iCUE initializes? The default profile is rather obnoxious.


3. I think I found a bug with the keyboard RGB as well. When the unit is on battery, the keyboard RGB goes out, which is good. However, at one point, I pressed Fn-Space to enable it while I was typing something. However, there doesn't seem to be a way to disable it again without sleeping and waking the system again. Pressing Fn-Space again doesn't turn the RGB back off.


4. Is there a way to set custom battery threshold limits when using Conservation Mode in Vantage? On my old ThinkPad L540, you can specify the minimum and maximum values manually but on this, it only can be on or off and the enabled value is 55-60%, which is way too low, especially with the poor battery life I'm experiencing overall.


That's all I can think of at the moment. Like I said, I really enjoy the laptop overall and it feels like a lot of this can be tweaked.




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Re:Legion Slim 7 Questions & Issues

2021-07-27, 10:32 AM

Hi PXAbstraction,


Welcome to the Community Forums.




The battery on gaming computers are not usually meant to be used under heavy load without the charger. This is the reason why these beasts come with 230W + AC adapters. As they are meant to compensate for the increased power need the hardware inside the machine requires, but please provide the community with the Machine Type & Model (MTM ex: 90DG0023US) of your device. This will help us track down the configuration and specs of your specific machine so that we can better assist you.
How to locate MTM

Check if you have a Hybrid Mode setting in Lenovo Vantage and that it's enabled, so the device switches between the integrated GPU in the processor and the RTX 3060.

Do however make sure that you have the newest BIOS, Chipset and Power Management drivers for your device:  
You can find and install the newest drivers from the Lenovo Support Page
Just plot in the serial number for your device and hit enter, might have to hit it twice. Then head to Drivers & Software then the BIOS, Chipset and Power Management section.
**Note: Close all running programs and make sure the AC adapter is connected and that you have at least 30% battery charge when performing the BIOS update.



There is unfortunately no way to turn off the "rainbow barf" mode of the RGB when booting up. This is the POST (Power on Self Test) for the keyboard and the lighting itself to make sure it's working properly before entering the OS, where drivers and iCUE initialization takes over.



This does indeed sound like a bug, and one that has been plaguing Lenovo Vantage for a long time now as far as I can see on the Forums. That hotkey settings are not saved or function correctly. I'd try to uninstall and reinstall Lenovo Vantage completely by following the steps below:


Step 1. Uninstall Lenovo Vantage Service & Lenovo Vantage from Apps. 
1. Press Windows Icon + X.
2. Open Device Manager. Find --> System devices --> System Interface Foundation V2 Device. Right-click and select "Uninstall Device".
3. Reinstall Lenovo Vantage from the Windows store.
4. Launch Lenovo Vantage. The service will be installed automatically.
5.  If it does not install automatically , you can download Lenovo System Interface Foundation from here and then install it manually.


Step 2. Download Vantage
Download Lenovo Vantage from the Windows Store here 
or download the Gaming/Enterprise version found here  


Step 3. Vantage Services.
Check for the latest Vantage Service drivers (if available for the device) on the Support Page.
Just plot in the serial number for your device and hit enter, might have to hit it twice. Then head to Drivers & Software then Software & Utilities.



If there's no limits to be set in Lenovo Vantage, then this unit does not have the possibility to do so. There might be registry "hacks" out there that can do this for you, but I can't guarantee them as I've not dug into them myself and know how they work.


Hope this helps





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Re:Legion Slim 7 Questions & Issues

2021-07-31, 21:12 PM

Thanks for responding. Seems the battery life on this model is just pretty weak then as well as it having less threshold capabilities than my old L540 from 2014, which is a bit frustrating. Also frustrating that I can't make the keyboard less obnoxious when I'm firing it up but I can live with that. I've tried reinstalling Vantage, which hasn't helped the keyboard backlight button not functioning correctly. All the others are fine though so I guess I'll have to report that to support.


I appreciate your help.

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