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Linux installation - IdeaPad 320

2019-03-24, 16:20 PM

Hello everybody.


I'm a Computer Engineering student. In my College we use Debian in all computers and I want to install Ubuntu on my Lenovo IdeaPad 320 with Dual-boot between Ubuntu and Windows 10.


I've already installed Linux in another PC and when I did it there were only two partitions in HD: Disc C and Reserved System Partition. But yesterday I opened the Windows's Disk Manager and I saw three partitions: Reserved System Partition, Disc C and WINRE_DRV. So I've one question...


What's WINRE_DRV partition?


After that, I made another partition to install Ubuntu. This partition is between Disc C and WINRE_DRV, because it was the place where was the Unallocated Space after I turned the Disc C volume down. Because of that, I've another question...


Can I install Ubuntu in this partition between Disc C and WINRE_DRV? Will it be a problem to use Windows 10 posteriorly? Or do I have the possibility of lose my licesed Windows 10?


I'm so sorry if my questions were a little confused, I'm learning English.


Thank you people...


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Re: Linux installation - IdeaPad 320

2019-03-29, 10:48 AM

I personally started to use Linux because it is the right tool for the job (coding). Lorem Ipsum After a while I got used to the workflow I created myself there and switched my design notebook to Manjaro as well.

There I had a problem, Temp Mail Manjaro is not really the right tool for the job, because nearly all the software is Windows or macOS only. But Wine to the rescue and now I am using a list of tools which does not follow the ideology of Linux at all and I don't really care.

I strongly 10 Minute Mail believe I am not the only one thinking that way. My girlfriend for example went to Linux because you can customize the hell out of it, but doesn't care about the ideology either.

So what I would like to know, are there more people like us who don't really care about the ideology of Linux, but rather use it because it is the right tool for the job and start from there?

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