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Paper Tape
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Lenovo V330-15IKB - How to change touchpad scroll direction?

Good afternoon,


I'm attempting to reverse the scroll direction on my Lenovo V330-15IKB touchpad from *scroll down*, the page scrolls up / *scroll up*, the page scrolls down.


I've looked in the mouse and touchpad settings and there is no option to change this. Apparently, some Lenovo users have an ELAN tab in "Additional Mouse Options" but this laptop unfortunately does not have one.


I've researched many solutions including the following but to no avail (apart from the last - but this is only a PARTIAL SOLUTION). These have been my attempted solutions:


1) Installing "ELAN for WDF" driver from Softpedia.

This resulted in the ELAN tab appearing but the touchpad didn't appear in the device box and the touchpad itself stopped working


2) Downloading flipwheel.exe

Didn't change scroll direction after restarting


3) Downloading ELAN UltraNav driver

Didn't add ELAN tab or change scroll direction


4) Using AutoHotkey (SOLVED PARTIALLY)

This DID change the touchpad scrolling direction but also the mouse scrolling direction. Hence, scrolling up on my mouse, scrolled down on the page and vice-versa.


Does anyone know how to create an AutoHotkey script that changes the TOUCHPAD scrolling direction only and not the mouse as well?


Or does anyone know of a more simple solution?!


Thanks in advance

Paper Tape
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Re: Lenovo V330-15IKB - How to change touchpad scroll direction?



I finally figured this out for me. I supposedly have the same computer as you, but it is not ELAN, it is ALPS.


So, if you have a Drivers folder in your root C drive, open the Touchpad folder. Run ApResource.exe to get the touchpad options.


If you don't have this folder, downloading the newest driver from the lenovo site should add one.

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