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Lenovo Y50-70 HDMI not working

Hi, today my hdmi port stopped working. I used my 22" LG monitor every day until it stop working today. In the morning i unplugged the monitor because i needed to take the computer at the university. Back home a few hours later plugged everything and all seemed to work fine. Then i restarted my pc after an installation. At the startup the pc won't recognize the monitor. So i tried to connect to another monitor, still not working. Tested the hdmi cable with another pc and it's working perfectly. So had to be my hdmi. 

Unistalled both intel and nvidia card, reinstalled back, still not working. The only thing haven't tried yet is a clean installation (did the last one a week ago).

Also i noticed that sometimes the image on the screen was "waving" like there was a bad contact with the cable but after 1 or 2 seconds back normally. 

Don't know if i had to wipe and reinstall all again or give up and send the pc to customer service for replacemante or repair. 

If someone had this problem and solved i appreciate every suggestion, thanks 


EDIT: Forget to say that when i plug in the hdmi cable the regular blinking light of the screen stay on for 2 o 3 second, the appear a no input signal on the screen and start blinking again. Like the screen somehow see the input but can't display the image

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