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What's DOS?
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Lenovo y50-70 bios failure


Past night i did some stupid configuration to the bios.. Some modification to the turbo boost processor and the graphic card (ram size and other things i don't remember .. After rebooting the screen went black and keeps rebooting.. I tried to disconnect the bios batter to clear cmos but nothing work at any method i read about.... Plzzzzzz any one help me tell me how i can fix it.. Smiley Sad((((
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Re: Lenovo y50-70 bios failure

I had exactly same problem here. I was change my bios with the modded one and after that changed some settings like yours graphics, ram size etc. There is only blank screen now and keyboard leds on, god knows I tried everything, tried to flash bios from USB, tried every combinations of bios file and recovery file names nothing happened, maybe I did irreversible damage to the motherboard, last thing I am going to replace bios chip and see, fingercrosed.
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Re: Lenovo y50-70 bios failure

You disable Intel Graphic Card didn't you? You did right? And I'm here saying you can't disable Intel GPU because Nvidia GPU needed it to operate normally. Also, normal BIOS will not let you disable Intel GPU because of that reason.


If you still can access BIOS try re-enable the Intel GPU and that should fixed the problem. But I doubt you can because Intel GPU is disable... aka. nothing control the graphic output anymore.


PS. I think you tried it already but I'll say it anyway. If normal power button not working try Lenovo button next to it should have some effect. If not... remove the CMOS battery and wait about 5 mins should clear the setting... If not... yeah... replace the CMOS chip is your best choice...


Edit : More info on your problem.

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