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Lenovo y50-70 screen flickering after a repair by Lenovo

I have a Lenovo y50-70, which I had for about 1-2 years until my screen started to flicker, so I sent it to Lenovo for reparation. Then when I got it back, it was new and the screen was fixed... until ½ year later. 


My screen started to flicker AGAIN, but this time it was on a specific angle when you open/close screen. It was worse than before, because sometimes it goes into black screen, and you can't see anything unless you have placed it in the correct angle. Since my warranty expired, I decided to open up the screen using YouTube videos and pictures. I then realized there was a certain part where the screen wire doesn't look the same as mine. 


It was because the screen wire was under the screw, which pressured the wire to flicker whenever the screen moves up or down... 




As you can see, on the right side, the screen is NOT under the screw. However, the left side (screen wire) is placed under the screw, which I found out was not the right way to place it. 


I found a picture online where the wire is placed a bit over, so the screw could not pressure the wire making the flickering and black screen.


Correct screen wire placement:

Screen wire


I thought a repair would fix a laptop and thereby extend its lifetime somewhat, but ironically it did the opposite. It's a matter of time I will get a black screen... 


I don't know if this is on purpose or not, but I read so many of these "lenovo y50-70 screen flickering problems" online that I am not regretting to say that I will not buy Lenovo laptops again. It was my first time as well as the last time. 

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