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lenovo y50-70 battery life lasts for 1 hour

I had warranty for my laptop a couple years ago, so I had a problem with my screen and the battery life. They said they fixed both but the battery problem remains the same. at 100% my battery says i have like an hour and 10 mins. even if im just browsing on the internet, or even when im doing absolutely anything. its hard to do anything on my laptop when it only lasts for 1 hour, even with the power saver on. 

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Re: lenovo y50-70 battery life lasts for 1 hour

There are a lot of influence impact the battery life here.


First, Y50-70 is 15' screen model. It need a lot of power to just maintenance the screen at full brightness. If you have it at full brightness, try setting at down to half or less will save a lot of energy and increase battery life about 20-30min for me.


Also, If you are not using program that need a lot of CPU power. Try setting a limit to your CPU power in 'Processor power management' and set 'Maximum processor state' to 75% or less (I set it on 75% for me). This option will limit the power CPU use when it try to do something. But will also impact the CPU performance. This option is not increase the battery life directly, but will lower the battery comsume rate and increase the battery life indirectly (ex. if your battery life is 60 min, there are chance that you can use it for maximum of 75min even though it say 60min).


Next is GPU, as you just use only web browsing try to set your Intel GPU to performance to decrease the power used and not using Nvidia GPU will increase battery life a lot. This is optional and normally laptop will not use Nvidia GPU unless you have set it to do so (for browser, it is set to 'not' use the Nvidia GPU).


Lastly, if you are using Windows 10. There is 'Battery saver' option on battery option. If you setting this on the OS will set a limit of brightness and other option. This is increase battery life a lot. But also impact your laptop performance a lot too. If you just using laptop for web browsing only. You'll not feel any difference other then the brightness is a lot lower. When I set this option on, my battery life can go to 2 hours easily. Also, I can use it for about 3 hours and still have about 30% power left if I set my brightness to lowest (but you'll most likely cannot see the screen. lol).


Normally Y50-70 have about 1 hour and a half when using power saver. If you have use it until about 25% or less a lot of time. The battery wear level will higher and decrease the next battery life significently. If you want to see the Battery report on windows 8 or windows 10 you can use "powercfg /batteryreport" in command propmt to generate report and you will see your current full capacity and design capacity of your battery and you'll see your battery wear level there. FYI, I have 54,760 mWh design capacity and 47,420 mWh current full capacity, about 15% lower then design capacity right now. Also, the report estimate my battery life to be 3 hours 15 min base on all observed drains since OS install.


PS. I have non-touch model and I have a lot of program disable when start-up to decrease the CPU load.

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