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What's DOS?
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New Yoga 900 Constantly Freezing

I got my new Yoga 900 in the mail about two days ago and ever since it's been randomly freezing - more frequently recently.  It froze once on the first day of use and I chalked it up to errors with Windows 10.  It froze once more before I updated Windows and today after updating Windows it froze four times in one day.  There's no error message or anything, it just freezes completely without a BSOD and the only way to use it again is to shut it off and turn it back on.


Aside from uninstalling bloatware and updating Windows with windows update, I haven't made any modifications to the software or anything.  I haven't dropped it and it's always been put in a case when stowed in my backpack.  I've babied this thing every step of the way.  What's causing this?  I'm really disappointed in having these problems with a brand new $1300 laptop.  Is this common?

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Re: New Yoga 900 Constantly Freezing

Hi yogaflame, welcome to the forum. Smiley Happy


     If all of the "bloatware" you are referring to, includes the Lenovo Companion, and Settings, you probably didn't receive the updates provided by Lenovo.


    Still, if you go here:


   ... and compare your installed driver versions, to the Lenovo driver list, then update to the new, you should be all set.


     Make note that there is a new BIOS, C6CN34WW, so if you're not on that revision, update the BIOS first.








I'm DO'ing IT

Yoga 900 Intel(R) Core(TM) i7-6500U CPU @ 2.50GHz (Skylake-Y)

X1 Carbon 2nd Gen (20A8) ThinkPad/YOGA Tablet 2 Pro-1380F/IdeaCentre A520 All-In-One i5-3230M/Lenovo Y470 i7-2630QM/T420

Paper Tape
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Re: New Yoga 900 Constantly Freezing

Thanks for that link - my yoga was on the old BIOS version. After flashing that update, I reinstalled Lenovo settings and companion, and ran the installers of every driver to make sure if I was up to date. Some of the drivers in that link are supposedly older than what's preinstalled on my machine.

After all of that, I still am getting more random freezing. Sometimes I'm able to use the laptop for hours at a time, and others it will freeze within a couple minutes. I got the first BSOD error screen today reporting that a "critical process died" but the dump file was never created as the BSOD was frozen at 0% collecting data.

Any other fixes to try? Should I send it back under warranty before it runs out?
What's DOS?
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Re: New Yoga 900 Constantly Freezing


I am mallesh here from India,I have a similar problem with brand new yoga 900 which I bought in USA and using currently in India.Have updated the Bios file and windows updates, but its constantly freezing.Kindly share if you found any solution.I am unable to also get support form Lenovo India as well and its not under international warranty.
Punch Card
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Re: New Yoga 900 Constantly Freezing

you should return/replace it because it definitely sounds like a hardware issue.  My Yoga 900 has never frozen up like that.

Paper Tape
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Re: New Yoga 900 Constantly Freezing

Yeah, unfortunately I think I'll have to take that route russr1123. I did a OneKey Recovery factory reset to be absolutely certain that it wasn't caused by something I did and thought I had fixed the problem. After using it for a while with no problems, I was relieved since i thought I fixed the problem. But I got a random freeze today after having Google Chrome being the only third party software I installed and leaving all the bloatware installed.
Paper Tape
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Re: New Yoga 900 Constantly Freezing

I have same issue!! did the bios update and ran the harddware test which came up ok but then it froze on me!! Unreal

Paper Tape
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Re: New Yoga 900 Constantly Freezing

Good day. I have purchased tablet Lenovo Yoga 900, i7, SSD 512, RAM 8GB, WinPro 10 from 12.23.2015 . Seek solutions to the constantly repeated freezing point. Freezes the main menu button and Win 10 freezes randomly startup programs , Task manager freezes , freezes Windows update ..... Bios, Driver Updates and Windows are the most recent . Please can anyone help? Freezing will show a few moments after you turn on or reboot. Well thank you.

Paper Tape
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Re: New Yoga 900 Constantly Freezing

This keeps happening to me as well, even with all the firmware updated.

I did, however, realize that this only seems to happen when my Yoga 900 is not plugged in. I.e. it's on batter power. It work for 3 minutes then freezes all of a sudden. The keyboard and mousepad are unresponsive, screen is frozen, requiring a hard restart.
This needs to be looked into. I wonder if it's a conflict between the battery apps (Lenovo's verses Windows 10). Or I'd be interested to know the situations when all of you also have the freezes happen (does anyone have it happened when the laptop is plugged in?). 

Either way, this is really unpleasant as I do want to use my laptop unplugged and portably, so I'll probably have to use my warranty to get this fixed or replaced unless there is another solution.

Fanfold Paper
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Re: New Yoga 900 Constantly Freezing

This thread is making me extremely nervous. My 900 is arriving next week and it's my first Windows computer ever. 

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