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What's DOS?
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Yoga 11s loose hinge

One of the hinges on my two week old Yoga 11s is looser than the other.


As I open the lid and push it back, the left hinge rotates somewhat, but the right one stays firm. Finally, once I reach 180 degrees, they level out. I can also equalise them by closing the screen back up somewhat after opening it. It's not a huge difference between the hinges, but I'm aware of it, and it's kind of annoying given i've only just bought it. 


Is this single-hinge looseness normal?


Is it worth getting serviced, or are both hinges going to be as loose as barn doors in a few months time?

Bit Torrent
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Re: Yoga 11s loose hinge

Don't risk it and get it fixed, imo. If the hinge breaks, your computer is useless.

What's DOS?
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Re: Yoga 11s loose hinge

I have the same thing, with my Thinkpad Yoga 12.  It arrived by UPS yesterday.  Hinges are just generally loose, also.  Pretty sure part of it is just design.



Seems like there's nothing I can do to solve it.  No accessible screws to tighten.  Pushing on the hinges (fortunately) doesn't move them around.  Tightened internally only, I'd assume.


I'll call Lenovo & have it fixed under warranty, or more likely return it, maybe exchange for Yoga 900 (''watchband'' hinge.)



Bit disappointing! This is the only flaw in a device that's otherwise awesome performance/value & perfect for my needs. 


A screen that wobbles whenever you touch it significantly decreases one's productivity with selecting finely positioned objects during any sort of content creation!

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