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Fanfold Paper
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Thinkpad x1 Yoga 1st gen(?) battery life

What sort of battery life are you guys getting with this laptop? (The one with usb 3.0 ports and 6000 series intel).  Of the countless issues I've had with this (mostly driver related), battery issue is one of the biggest. I can't seem to get more than 5 hours normal usage. I've got the screen at 50%, keyboard backlight at its lowest setting, and some music in the background. CPU usage averages below 20%. I've got several tests I tried:

1. I have chrome minimized with ~8 tabs (nothing playing or anything), and excel minimized. The only large process was Google Drive downloading. I wasn't doing anything on the computer. That gives me 3 hours, 49 minutes of battery life (94% remaining). 


2. Browsing a forum while listening to music in youtube. (Chrome eating so much ram Windows is at 6gb used just with 10 tabs open.). 3 hours, 32 minutes battery life (90% remaining)


3. A stress test, Aida64 running a CPU stress test. 2 hours 27 minutes battery life (87 remaining). 


Here's what's even more interesting. Battery wear level. Based on Window's battery report, I lost over 9% battery life wear since when I got the laptop (January this year I think). So 6 months. Here's the catch, it's more like 5 months because those first 5 months is when I used the laptop for college. After the semester ended, I pretty much stopped using it. This means that if I used the laptop frequently like in college(which wasn't even that often), I would wear the battery 20% every year!. In two years the already abismal battery life would be completely unusable (40% wear!) and I'd need to either always be plugged in or replace it. 




This is only 1 of the problems I've had. 2nd would be bluetooth disconnecting randomly and 3rd would be wifi dropping randomly. 4th would be internet so slow only at school I can't use it (my phone and everyone else doesn't have this issue). My 5th issue is windows freezing on wake if I have a micro sd card plugged in. My 6th was fixed with Lenovo sending me a replacement stylus. Bear in mind I shouldn't be having these kinds of issues on a fresh install of Windows (I did it myself) and always updated drivers (I just updated them a couple weeks ago). And the only reason I had to reinstall Windows was because I had more than double the issues before!

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Community SeniorMod
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Re: Thinkpad x1 Yoga 1st gen(?) battery life

Hi, the below is a copy-and-paste of a reply I posted in another thread.  That thread was discussing Gen 2 battery run-time (not "life") and I had done a little testing on my Gen 1 for reference:


Not sure how directly this applies to the Gen 2 , but I'm doing some testing with the Gen 1 X1Y this evening.


Letting things run long enough for the battery gauge to stabilize:


Thunderbird: reading email: 9-10 hours, maybe a little more.


FireFox: poking around the forums:  6-9 hours depending on content and how fast I'm navigating pages.


Skype video session:  maybe 4 hours.


This is an i7, 16GB RAM, 512GB NVMe SSD with the 2560x1440 non-OLED display @ ~ half brightness - which is plenty bright for evening surfing.


In my use case(es) it's an 8-10 hour machine for the most part.  I don't use Chrome so I can't speak to that.




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Fanfold Paper
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Re: Thinkpad x1 Yoga 1st gen(?) battery life

It's been running for quite some time now. I've just been looking through a couple of chrome tabs (no music or anything in the background). I'm at 3 hours battery life (58% remaining). 


I've got a very similar machine to yours except with 8gb instead of 16gb ram. 

Punch Card
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Re: Thinkpad x1 Yoga 1st gen(?) battery life

I have the same problem as you regarding battery life, always around 5 hours.. I have a 20FR with i7 and 16gb ram. I ran a battery repport (attached) and have even worst results than you. I guess we had our laptops from a bad batch, i saw a lot of people saying that gave considerably more battery than I have and a few users with a battert life similar to us, around 5 hours. So definetly something is wrong. i can later do other tests if you want but is clear that we have the same problem.


I also had a nightmare with bluetooth and wifi, for months, working inconsistently like you, my culprit was the wifi/bluetooth board (its the same one for both), lenovo replaced it in warranty and now works as it should, so give them a call, these laptops have extended warranties because are business laptops. The technician that came to my office said its a known problem.


also had nightmare with drivers but it seems moee stable.


After reading youe post I am calling lenovo to press them to replace my battery,


let me know how it goes for you,



Fanfold Paper
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Re: Thinkpad x1 Yoga 1st gen(?) battery life

I called them, they said it would be covered under the warrenty. After I sent it in, they emailed me saying it's not covered under warrenty and I got a quote of around $180. That's pretty crazy. 20% battery life capacity drop under light (I said 9% but I was reading the wrong section) use is not what I would consider "normal". I have an HP with a battery that's 4 years old that's down to 70% original capacity. Yet my Yoga is 8 months old and is down to 80% original. They're refusing to replace the battery under warranty. Oh, and because my address was changing, they said to call in after the laptop ships to them so that they can send it back to the correct address. I spend 20 minutes on the phone after it's sent and have them change the address. Guess what? When they sent it back after I refused the quote, they sent it to the wrong address. 

What's DOS?
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Re: Thinkpad x1 Yoga 1st gen battery life

My Thinkpad x1 Yoga (1st gen) is only getting a battery life of 3 hours. I am ready to lose my mind. Any fixes out there? I have checked my settings and there is nothing I can find that is running and would cause this. It has been that way since new a little over a year ago. Thanks!

Fanfold Paper
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Re: Thinkpad x1 Yoga 1st gen battery life

same here Smiley Sad i never had more than 4 hours from the very day 1 owning my carbon x1 yoga.

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