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X1 Carbon: Sandisk SSD or Toshiba SSD? Good/Poor? LCD Good/Poor?

Initially, may have said that the SSD in X1 Carbons were Sandisk SSDs, and that they performed very poorly on 4K speed tests - which are true when one looks at these reviewers doing 4K tests.   So...that's a bummer.


Then, someone posted a teardown picture of the inside of an X1Carbon, which showed a Toshiba SSD.


Which SSD is the one that will go inside the consumer X1 Carbons rather than the reviewers' early samples?  Confusing.  Whichever one it is, is it any good including its poor 4K performance?   I mean real life performance: any good?


Also, most say the LCD is rather nice on the x1C.   they mostly said that for a 14", the 1600x900 hits an excellent sweetspot.   the Z 2012's 1080 was downright annoying when i tried it out last week because on every single website, one needed to do Control ++++++ to increase the size, otherwise, you'd not be able to read it!!   1080 is too much resolution for a 13.1" LCD on the Z 2012.


Then, the Engadget review just posted today says that one sees space around each pixel on the x1c's LCD!!   they didn't quite like the LCD on the x1C!!!    can that be true?  or is that an early reviewer's sample??    Highly conflicting points of views, right?


i can't believe that the pitch is so poor on the 14" 1600x900.   that just doesn't sound right to me.


any ideas from the good folks on this forum?


thx in advance.

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