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X220 fan suddenly loud and buzzy/grindy after BIOS update

2017-03-14, 14:33 PM

Summary, my X220 fan is loud as heck and is driving me crazy!


what happened:

- Lenovo system update app tells me I need to get the latest BIOS

- I download and install it

A couple of days later...

- I eject the laptop from the dock while the computer is on.

- Suddenly the fan start running very loudly.

- Now I'm back in the dock. Whenever I do something CPU intensive like load a new application or open a bunch of web tabs, the fans revs up again and it sounds realy loud and harsh like I've never heard it before.


I tried downloading the TPFC (Thinkpad Fan Controller) app but it still gets loud and buzzy when it runs


Any ideas how to resolve this? It's driving me crazy and I'd rather not buy a new laptop but that's my next best alternative


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Re: X220 fan suddenly loud and buzzy/grindy after BIOS update

2017-03-14, 15:00 PM



So I don't have a solution to the problem but I just want to say that a similar problem happened to me on my Yoga 510. The fans all of a sudden were running very loud and the CPU and disk usage alternated between 100%. Now, like for yourself, the fan seems to be on most of the time for some of the smallest of tasks and there are stange sounds from the bottom of my laptop if you hold it up close it almost sounds like ember. Hopefully there will be some sort of solution as like you said to have to shell out for a new machine is very costly.



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